Ambassador Crawl and Marathon Thoughts.

On Tuesday we hosted an ambassador crawl at our lululemon store. IT WAS FANTASTIC! What’s an ambassador crawl you ask?

Each store has amazing ambassadors and every so often we like to celebrate their wonderfulness (that’s a word right?) by attending a butt load  a lot of classes in one day. What’s even better is that these classes are complimentary for EVERYONE (yup, all of Vancouver could attend)! I’d like to call that #winning.

This time around we had 5 scheduled. A spin class, followed by bootcamp, followed by yoga, followed by a run, followed by another yoga class.

I worked during the day so I attended 3 classes. Spin, bootcamp, and the late night yoga class.

IMG_9512IMG_9532 IMG_9533 IMG_9534

I cannot tell you how much fun it was. To be sweating and spending a day with your friends and inspirational people doing what you love!



I stole a few of these pics from people.. hope they don’t mind, ahem.. Michelle and Jessy :)


So marathon, oh marathon.

I have 3 weeks guys – THREE WEEKS?

Yup, most of the time when I think about it I get a little nauseous and nervous.

What the heck am I doing? Why am I running 42.2km? WHY?

Well, I know why – just to say that I can did it (seriously).

So I have come to the realization that I don’t like running more than roughly 25km. I LOVE the half marathon distance. About 2hrs on your feet is absolutely manageable and I still love that distance. Anything above that and I become ridiculously bored.

Really. Even with pretty views.


Plus, your body starts hurting ALL OVER. I have knee issues to begin with so yes, my right knee sometimes feels like its going to explode.

Training for 3+hrs a day is a huge time commitment and I honestly have no desire to run  that amount of time ever again.

So what I am really saying is that I will do this ONE marathon and never again. It’s not something that I love and I already know that. On race day I might think differently but training for this bad boy is/was a doozy.

I’m also hungry all. the. time. I have this insatiable hunger most of the day from the moment I wake up, I feel like a bottomless pit. I don’t like that. I would rather not run/train as much and not be hungry all the time because being hungry quickly translates into being hangry (hungry + anger) and that is not a good scene for anyone.

I have been sucking back smoothies and homemade chia seed waters like it’s my job.

P1070611Long run fuel:

P1070613Breakfast… which ended up being tooooooo much for my stomach to handle last Sunday. Felt like crap for the first 5 miles.


The nutrition bit has been a hard one for me. I have been doing a bit of research and it helps to have a Dr. in the family who can tell me what’s most likely going on with my body, but I just don’t feel good. My stomach and gut are inflamed and I don’t know if running is to blame entirely but oh man, I could go without.

I’m also not best in the world at getting a sufficient amount of protein in my diet.


But aside from all of this – its been a journey this far. Who knew I could run that far and still function! It’s neat to see what I can do. 

So, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! I am off for a little relaxation of my own ;)


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I’ve mentioned it a few times now that I haven’t blogged much lately. So here I am letting you know what I have been up to these past few weeks.

For starters, I went to my first NHL hockey game… ever.


Crazy right? Lived here for so long and have never gone to one.

Good news: We won that night and hand incredible seats.

Summary of a hockey game: laughs, cheers, beer, salty pretzels, french fries, pure happiness.



I also went to my first Whitecaps FC Game. Again: great seats, laughs, and of course.. beer! (much cheaper beer than at the Canucks game, might I add!)

IMG_9466 IMG_9467

I’m not sure which game I liked more. The fans were rowdier at the soccer game but my heart loves hockey more!

Sandy returned from India so The Mestie and I took her out for some good eats.

First meal off the plane. French fries, chocolate sundae.. and well, other things too.



Along with some pizza on another day.

IMG_9458Whole Foods is still my best friend.

IMG_9405IMG_9413And of course so is coffee ;) I have been on this huge coffee with cinnamon kick – it’s amazing.


IMG_9484I’ve also been hitting up spin, yoga, and a few other classes ;) Keeping things interesting.

IMG_9392 IMG_9395And that is that! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Have you ever been to a NHL game – what did ya think? 

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Matcha Makin’

A few weeks ago the lovely folks at Kiss Me Organics sent over some of their Certified Organic Green Tea Powder. Since then I have been whipping up smoothies with it almost every day and I can tell you I have been loving it. There is no added sugar, nothing – just the pure, full green tea leaf = perfect.


They also sent over an amazing recipe guide which has SO MANY RECIPES. Recipes that use matcha is so many different ways, ways I never thought possible. Unfortunately, I have been pretty busy with life so I haven’t gotten a chance to bake with it or do anything fancy, but thats okay – you know me, I’m a gal of simple living anyway.

So like I said smoothies.. oh so many smoothies.

P1070586Almond milk, banana, sunbutter, baby kale, avocado, chia seeds.

aka: Breakfast.

P1070588I love how green and perfect the matcha is.. it just screams “healthy!” – GREEN GOODNESS EVERYWHERE.

P1070582I usually make them in the morning and I always feel good after having them. Energized and full. I purposely add fats like avocado to ensure that I am not hungry for a while.
P1070608 P1070609Now you all know I am a big sucker for a cup of the freshly brewed black stuff, however, I did give matcha a try in the am. – Yes my mug is broken, don’t judge.


I added almond milk and a bit of stevia. I really enjoyed it. Would I drink it everyday? Nope, but only because I love coffee far too much. The only thing I would say is that I towards the end it gets a bit sandy. Maybe that’s because I added a bit too much matcha – who knows. Best part was that I thought I would need a cup of coffee later on in the day but I felt really good and didn’t grab a cup of joe! So if I ever make the switch to nix coffee from my diet, you all know what I will be drinking in the am.

Aside from making yummy things with it, I was curious as to why matcha is so good for you. Sure I knew some things but I didn’t know in-depth details.

So the main things would be that it’s loaded with antioxidants (137x more than regular green tea), it increases metabolism, and it gives you energy. One of the coolest things I read about at Kiss Me Organics was that, “Matcha Green Tea Powder protects the skin from harmful UVrays, while improving blood flow and oxygen levels lifting the overall quality of the skin.” <— um, sweet. Who doesn’t want a more youthful glow?! Besides, (and this is dramatic) but its basically like sunscreen protecting you from the inside out! GENIUS.

Anywho, I hope to make a few more things with the green tea powder.. like green tea icing for cupcakes! YES.

Have you tried matcha before – what do you think?!

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That Time I Made Kombucha And Ran 32km.

First and foremost, Happy April Fool’s Day!

Got any tricks up your sleeve for the big day? I suck at fooling people so I didn’t even bother.

On another note, it’s my big brother’s 26th Birthday today.. he’s a gem and if you read this blog, you are quite familiar with the fella ;)



On Saturday I made kombucha for the very first time. I know, SCARY right? Let me start by saying kombucha is so good for you: loaded with antioxidants, vitamin B, detoxifies the liver, contains probiotics, it improves digestion.. benefits are seriously endless, HOWEVER, kombucha is also disgusting. Slimy, vinegary, just gross. 

But I love it anyway.

My sister, Steph, has been making her own kombucha for a little while now so she sent me some Scoby: Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast.

Like I said, gross.


She also sent me a continuous brewer and I was set to make some ‘bucha. Honestly, it is much much easier than I thought.

First thing I did was clean everything. Scoby doesn’t like soap so I cleaned my brewer and supplies with vinegar and hot water. Also, can we talk about how beautiful my brewer is? IN LOVE.


Then I boiled 4 cups of hot water, added it into my brewer along with 6 tea bags. Let it steep for 5-10 min.


Added 1 cup of sugar. The sugar is for the scoby, the bad boy needs to eat!


Following that, I filled my brewer 3/4 full of cold distilled water. Added the scoby and then added the starter liquid that the scoby was sitting in.


Placed a cotton towel over top and now I am waiting patiently… 7 days! I only have 5 days left to wait! Oh, and I said a little prayer.. who knows if this will work out.

yeah… it’s sitting on a shelf in my room :)


But no peeking.


On a completely unrelated note, I ran 20 miles yesterday, or 32km. I’m not gonna lie, 32km is LONG. I actually started getting bored.

All in all the run was good. I ate a cliff bar during and some honey stinger chews. No stomach problems at all – wahoo.


My biggest worry was my right knee. I’ve been wearing a Pro-Tec Athletics knee strap for all of my long runs but yesterday was a doozy. My knee was bugging me from the get-go and around the 11 mile mark I thought my knee was going to explode. A lot of pain. I was striking differently to try and compensate for the pain and now my right calf is SO TIGHT.

It’s alright but something to be mindful of and rest/tape up and well.. hope for the best!

I was also really dehydrated. I didn’t bring water because there are water fountains all along my run. However, for one reason or another they ALL but one weren’t working! I thought I was going die from thirst. Because of this, I was really loopy and sluggish for the rest of the day and woke up with a bit of a groggy headache today. Meh, you win some you lose some!

I drank both of these in seconds.


Oh, and I am losing a toenail. FUN. I cannot tell you a time where I was cuter. Toenails falling off, calluses x1000 all over my feet, and you don’t even want to KNOW all the places I have chaffing.


Marathon training is more challenging than I thought it was going to be – and rightly so. I’m finding it all the more important to be mindful of what my body is telling me after the run, not just during. I think running this much often makes us forget just how much stress it really does put on the body, and the body is a temple.. we have to treat it that way ;)

Happy Tuesday!

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The Last Little While.

Welp, let me just tell ya, I have not been in the blogging mood.

It happens. There is and ebb and flow to it all – sometimes you blog all the time and sometimes not at all.

I have no excuse for it, I haven’t been super busy, I simply just don’t feel like it.

But anywho – here is what I am up to.

First and foremost I have been running. Running long miles on weekends. 13, 16, 18, 19. You all know my marathon is just over a month away – ahhhhhhh! Freaking out? Yup.

I can honestly say that the running is going alright. I can do 13 miles NO problem, but it’s almost as if after that I have a mental block. Everything just seems to get a little slower.

On top of that, and I know I will pay of this later, I am not taking training as seriously as I should. I am running but I am not following my training plan very strictly at all. Mid-week I have been going to loads of spin classes, yoga, TRX, and HIIT classes. Lots of a variety, not just running. I am okay with that though.


Race day I will probably be shaking my head and regretting my training style this time around, but oh well, it is what it is!

I also feel the need to get a coffee post run. Every. Single. Time. It’s like I think I deserve a coffee after busting out more than a half marathon every weekend, and well, I kinda do?


Funny thing about training is that my perception of distance is TOTALLY off. 13 miles seems like a cake walk, even ordinary at this point. Like everyone should be able to run that distance because “its not that far” – oy vey. Marathon training does wild things to your mind.

Food wise, I do not think about what I am eating/drinking the day/week before my long runs. I just eat and drink (water, wine, coffee mostly) whenever I feel like without much consideration of, “Oh, I need to run 16 miles tomorrow.” Meh, its been fine. This nonchalantness will absolutely bite me in the ass later, no need to tell me! hahahaha bah, cringing.


Aside from all the marathon talk, not a whole lot is new!

I have been hanging out with my mestie, Chris. What’s a mestie? Well, one day we were incredibly mopy.. both of us were just sitting in our own cloud of gloominess which is where mesties was created: Mopy + Besties = Mesties.


We share muffins. Mainly because they are the size of your head and there have been times when we did not share and felt a little, erm, “heavier” as we left the coffee shop.


He also has an act for taking great photos.



Spring has sprung in Vancouver and to celebrate Andy and I went to Thierry for americanos and macarons. Swoon.


Followed by a beautiful stroll home together from downtown Vancouver. Sometimes I need to pinch myself because its so beautiful here! Gah.


Yesterday I also went to the states! It was a sporadic trip to the outlets.. we didn’t quite make it to Seattle (sorry Britt, next time – I promise!). Every time I go to the states I stop at Woods Coffee, which is located about 15 minutes after crossing the border into Washington. I haven’t been to Woods Coffee in 2+ years. I am more of an americano person now days and I never add flavourings to my coffee, but at Woods’ I just cannot pass up their marshmallow lattes. Ermmyyygerrrddd. So good.

IMG_9385Last but not least.. this song makes running a lot easier.

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Oh Hey Guys!

I know, I’ve been a total slacker in the blog department lately. I can’t even tell you why. I feel like I have nothing cool to talk about or share.

However, I have been taking random photos of food. So that I will share, cause I mean, I like seeing what other people eat, too. And then I get really hungry.

So my brother was here last week. We ate. And he cooked. I was looking for my real camera all week..couldn’t find it (I’ve found it now) so you get lovely iPhone pictures :) You’re welcome.

Food for work. Big smoothie and a big salad. I really throw anything and everything into my salads. Apples, blueberries, leafy greens, cabbage, avocado, walnuts, rice, celery, carrots – pretty much anything.

IMG_9221I’ve been going to lots of yoga classes. Ughh my legs are sooo stiff from running I can’t even tell you!

IMG_9236Max and I decided to try on every single hat at MEC. It was really funny.

IMG_9272We stopped at Whole Foods for muffins.. oh my gahhh their muffins are so good. Stuffed them in my purse and grabbed coffee elsewhere.

IMG_9271Max cooked dinner several times. This was a really simple egg/tomato dish. Basically you throw diced tomatoes in a saucepan, add spices, and basil. Crack a few eggs, let them poach in the sauce, put it all in a bowl, add a mountain of cheese and bread for dipping. Delicious and so easy.

IMG_9277This guy came over quite often too :)

IMG_9266I went for a beauty long run on Monday.. Vancouver weather has been amazing! My knees were also dead afterwards. I need a new pair for Christmas I think ;)

IMG_9298I worked later in the day so I feasted on this on my break. It’s from a place called Steamrollers which is a burrito place, but I got a bowl this time around. It’s soooo good when I’m eating it, but my stomach is NOT HAPPY afterwards. So, no more of that!

IMG_9304I met up with my oldest friend, Karelia, this week too. She finally left Toronto and came back to BC! You may remember her from this post 2 years ago. Karelia was my first friend when I moved to Canada at the precious age of 6. I didn’t speak a smidgen of English but this girl stuck by me anyways – 18 years later and here we are.

We caught up over coffee and I had some delicious vegan pumpkin something-or-other.


My hair is hawt mess.. excuse that. Also, don’t ask us how many selfies we took in 5 minutes.. its embarrassing.
IMG_9319Today I am taking Karelia to her first yoga class! Wahoo! It’s a warm restorative… so it’ll be like napping, she’ll like it ;)

Leave you with a song that the bro sent me.


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This Weekend.

Although I had nothing in particular planned this weekend, it ended up being such a good one. The beauty of doing nothing and being content, kinda great.

Let’s start with Friday, shall we? I woke up early, went to Beaucoup Bakery for breakfast, and dropped one of my best friends, Sandy off at the airport. She is off to India for a month for a yoga retreat! Can ya say jealous?!

IMG_9178She was tired of carrying her pack before we even got to the airport.

IMG_9181IMG_9180IMG_9188Cannot wait for her to get back!


That night, E and I went out for dinner at Catch 122. It was good, but not amazing. I heard their brunch is out of this world so I am sure we will go back for that eventually.

IMG_9192We were thinking about having dessert there, but then we opted for something even more wonderful. E introduced me to Cartems Donuterie - oh my, swoon. I have walked by this place so many times and had never noticed it! HOW?

E got the earl grey which bursting with flavour. I am not a huge tea person to begin with so I didn’t think I would like it, but wow, so good. I got the salted caramel – you can never go wrong with that combo ;)


Saturday morning I woke up and went for a long run. 16 miles to be exact! Honestly, I was a little worried about this distance. I just haven’t been enjoying running as much lately so the thought of all these miles was daunting. Luckily, this was a really good run! I actually enjoyed it (for once). Long runs are nice because you really settle into the run. You know you are going to be out for a few hours so you might as well go slow and embrace the distance.

I quickly stopped at Mountain Equipment Coop to pick up some fuel.


I’ve never tried this brand of bar before but it was so yummy! Cinnamony, soft, crunchy, delicious. And no stomach problems with it either – wahoo!

I only ate the bar and didn’t need the gel. Good thing, I dislike gels anyway.


My legs were pretty stiff around 14 miles, but somehow I powered through. I felt fine the next day, but I am making an effort to go to yoga more. All the miles are making my muscles so incredibly tight! Wowza.


Sunday was a great day as well. I went to work for a few hours and then met up with E for dinner. We went to The Oakwood in Kitsilano and were both so impressed. We randomly stumbled upon it and thank goodness we did!

We both ordered a beer, fries, and burgers. Comfort as it’s finest.


I think it might be one of the best burgers I have ever had. So juicy, flavourful, ahhh.. just so good. The atmosphere was perfect, too. It was raining outside but inside The Oakwood it was cozy, the lighting was dim, and it was perfect. Not to mention the company ;)

What did you get up to this weekend!?

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