Sit Tight.

So I have been having trouble posting on WP and then I decided, okay what’s happening?

Turns out THIS GAL has used up most of her space and can’t post photos or videos or any exciting posts.

I vented to Britt about how WP makes you pay $99 for more space… ugh, really? Anywho she told me about self hosting. That being said – HELP. Give me your advice!! Do you self-host, pay the $99? ahhh, I have so many posts ready to go too.

Anywho, I will be back, just give me a little while to figure all that jazz out ;)

Hope you all had a great (LONG for my Canadian frans) weekend!

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The Aftermath.

It’s been 5 days since my marathon and I am surprisingly feeling really good. Well, better than I expected!

The first two days post marathon I could hardly roll out of bed. I have never experienced that kind of soreness. What was even worse, and I have already mentioned this, is that my feet were just aching. I can’t even describe it. And they were smokin’ HOT.

Walking down the stairs was ridiculous but I found the most amazing solution: walk down them backwards and you will be okay! Yup, you will get odd glares but do you want to be in pain or not? :D Walk down them backwards.

On Wednesday I could finally squat down to pick things up and tie my shoelaces.. very slowly of course.

My right ankle has been bothering me as well as my right knee but I am not too concerned. I am positive it’s just from all the running stress.

I have been walking lots. On Wednesday I worked and then went for a beauty late night walk with Chris. We stopped at Trees Organic Coffee on Granville street and they gave us free cheesecake… um, yes please!

I actually had a picture to show you but it isn’t uploading for some reason. And I am too impatient to figure it out – sorry cause it was drool worthy.

It looked similar to this:



Yesterday morning I went to my first anything spin class.


Maybe I just went for the free apples…


I really just wanted to get my legs moving a bit, but boy were they still fatigued. More so than I thought. I often forget than a marathon is a BIG DEAL and I need to give my body the proper rest time. I am definitely not invincible. The rest of the week I intend to do a lot of foam rolling and yin yoga ;) Everything is TIGHT.

Aside from that, life is pretty much back to normal!

We had a great photo on Wednesday with our Robson Run Club with all of the runners and so many goal crushers! Our ambassador, Linda, ran a 100k race on May 3rd – talk about inspiring!


I haven’t been hungrier than usual. I find that I am craving more protein but other than that I am good :)


On a completely unrelated note, I was given tickets to the advanced screening of Fed Up. Which is a documentary about the obesity epidemic in America. I have seen quite of few but this one is unreal. Such great information and insight, I highly recommend you watch it!

Check out the trailer.

My parents are coming to town for the weekend and then we are off to Victoria on Monday morning. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

ps.. these 2 songs have been rocking my world and definitely helped me get through 42.2

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BMO Vancouver Marathon Recap

Welp, I am officially a marathoner!!!

Seriously, unbelievable.

Let’s start off with the day before:

I went for breaky with my brother and his girlfriend.


I hit up the expo to get my race gear and took a pic of the route.


Shortly afterwards I went to a Whitecaps FC game… way to rest up before the big day right?


I also carb loaded at the game.. this counts right?




Day Of:

Let’s start off by saying it was cold, wet, and absolutely miserable.

The race started at 830am so I woke up at 5 to have lots of time and be stress free.


I had a really good sleep actually which was surprising.

While I was sipping my coffee and munching on peanut butter toast with banana I was shaking… shaking, I was so nervous. 

I taped up my knee too! KT Tape, I love you so much.


But once I hit the race start line and met up with some friends who were also running, I was oddly cool, calm, and collected. It was weird. I wasn’t nervous at all. I was enjoying the music and the crowd’s energy.


I didn’t really have a “race plan” like so many runners, I just knew I wanted to go slow. And I did just that!

Now for that RUN:

To be perfectly honest, I had SUCH a good run yesterday. It’s a little bit crazy because I was a) concerned about my knee and b) having stomach issues.

NONE of which happened! Quite incredible and oh so lucky.

The first 6 miles I was feeling GOOD, really good. Being calm helped a lot and I wasn’t focused on how far I had to go, but rather just enjoying the moment, the people, the FUN of the race and the experience. I realized that in order to finish this bad boy, I needed to let go of the distance and just run. Run for my love of running, my family, supporters, friends, and really just enjoy every single moment.

I started snacking on a cliff bar that I had within the first 40min, I was listening to music and was loving it! Really. I caught myself looking around and smiling quite a few times. I also stopped to use the washroom within the first 2 miles. I was going slow (10:30/mile) because the first hill was early on as well.

I walked the hill. It’s not necessarily that I couldn’t run it, but I knew that if I wanted to have energy left for the last 6 miles of the race, I needed to save as much energy as possible! No thank you to all that lactic acid building up! There have been times where I was a big ol’ keener in the beginning of the race and it ended up being the downfall of my race. That was NOT going to happen to me during a marathon. 26.2 miles in no joke.

I didn’t bring any water with me but I stopped at every single water station.. walked through them, had a few sips of water and carried on.

We made our way around UBC and I was getting close to the halfway mark. Still, feeling good but the obvious was starting to happen. My legs were starting to feel it and oddly enough it was the downhills that were getting to me.. oy vey. It’s hard to describe but it’s an constant ache in your legs. Beside the aches and pains, I was still feeling good.

I was anticipating to hit the “runners wall” but I didn’t! Nor did I ever have extremely negative thoughts telling me I couldn’t finish this race. I knew around 13 miles that “I’ve got this.”

I remember getting to the halfway mark and thought to myself, “Already?! Holy smokes that happened fast.” I was sitting pretty with  2:07  at the 13 mile mark.

You know I’ve said before that your perception of distance changes when you run a half marathon? Well, that same thing happens with a marathon. 13 miles didn’t seem THAT FAR.

I could constantly see the 4:30 pace bunny and at first I wouldn’t let him out of my sight, or a lot of the time he was right behind or super close to me. After a few more pit stops at water stations and another walk up a hill he was out of my sight (in front of me). I didn’t let it bother me, it was my race and I could’ve finished with a 7hr run and still be happy.

Anyways, close to 30km I saw a friend who’s knee completely gave up on her so I had a walk and a quick chat with her before continuing on. It’s funny but in any other race before I wouldn’t be caught dead walking because I had this fear of being disappointed in my time. I let go of that fear, welcomed little walking breaks if I needed them, and just enjoyed the moment – something that I didn’t think I could get over.

It’s all a mind game and I honestly can say that my mind was in the right place the entire day.

Cliff bar was eaten at this point and I was soaked. Not from sweat (well, that too) but also from the rain. Which I didn’t mind because 26.2 miles in the scotching sun would have been horrific.

I crossed the Burrard St. Bridge and was heading towards Stanley Park for the final 6 miles. I have ran these 6 miles countless times, but let me tell ya… they were tough! I opened up my Honey Stinger chews now and was munching on those. My legs were soooo achy it was crazy, but mentally I was feeling pretty good. I just kept telling myself that I am so close and that I could do this.

I thought about stopping a few times for a little walking break but I didn’t. Boy did I WANT TO, I really wanted to but the thought of starting again deterred me. Running isn’t the hard part in a marathon, it’s stopping and then having to start again.

I also picked a man who was running in front of me to be my pacer. He was a strong runner and I was just following his pace. Pretty much I was just staring at his muscular calves for a solid 4 miles.

I passed him with 2 miles to go. I was tired. Really tired but so happy. There were moments when I had to pull myself together because I was getting so emotional looking down at my watch and seeing just how close I was to finishing.

The homestretch was incredible and its always such an amazing thing because your body HAS power left to go just a little bit faster when you see the crowds and the finish line.

I saw family and friends cheering for me and just started bawling and blowing kisses to them.

Kiss in action right there.


I crossed the finish line with an official time of 4:35.


My Garmin says 4:30:50.


I am so incredibly proud of both of those times. I stopped my Garmin when I stopped to use the bathroom which is probably why there is a difference but I am totally cool with it. Like I said, I would be happy with absolutely ANY time.

And now it’s absolutely surreal that I am a marathoner!

John Stanton (founder of the running room) also gave me my medal which was wonderful too :)

Post race I was shaking and shivering but we headed to brunch right after.


Feasted and hobbled to where we needed to go. I was ACHING. But so happy.

I also stopped at Starbucks and quickly realized my hair was one big dreadlock. CUTE.

IMG_9731 IMG_9732 I got home around 4:45, quickly showered and met up with friends who ran the half!

Andrea, Nik, and Andy all completed their first half. Such rockstars!


And obviously we feasted :)

IMG_9734 IMG_9735

It was so great to celebrate with everyone, talk about our races, and it was just a wonderful day in general.


How am I feeling today? OH SWEET LAWD. SO sore and so incredibly stiff! I can barely walk. What’s also really interesting is that I can deal with being sore and stiff but my feet HURT. They pretty much have a heartbeat and are hot 24/7.

But that too will pass.


Now I know I said I wouldn’t run another marathon but I think I may have changed my mind. It was such a great experience, challenging but doable and well, just plain awesome.

We will see!!

Thank you for all of the love and support over the last few months, couldn’t have done it without you!

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Marathon Time!


Seriously, how is it already May? Let’s just say this marathon weekend crept up awfully fast!

Just wanted to give you a quick post of how I am feeling.

Welp, still awfully anxious but oddly enough its more of a calm anxious. I really think I just want to get this bad boy over with! Nothing worse than waiting.

Honestly, my biggest concern is my right knee (ahem, repaired ACL & meniscus) and food. Ya’ll know this girl has a sensitive stomach – you never know how the ol’ bod will react on race day (*sigh*).


I still have a bit of a sore throat which I have been battling all week. It’s not too bad and I have been pumping my body full of goodies.

My special “sick” potion: Water, lemon juice, fresh ginger, turmeric, and honey. All boiled together and gulped down. You’re also supposed to add garlic, but I didn’t. Home girl had to work this week and be around people 24/7 so that wouldn’t have been a good scene ;)


Along with vitamins and throat tinctures.

Breakfast of choice this week has been mainly oats with banana and peanut butter. Or the same combo on toast.


Workout-wise: not a whole lot going on. I went to 2 spin classes this week but kept my effort fairly low and I went for a beauty walk with my friend, Karelia, around the seawall.

I don’t know if you know.. but it’s been about 25 degrees here for the past week!



I read this article on beet juice and it’s benefits with running so this morning I figured it couldn’t hurt, right?


I went to MEC today and loaded up with race-day goodies. Bars, gels, chews, and oh so many electrolytes… and also a little pit stop at Whole Foods.. what else?


I have been drinking Ener-C this entire week too.

Tomorrow I don’t have a whole lot planned. I’m going for breakfast with my big bro (yup, the fella came down for a visit and wouldn’t miss this!), then I will be off to pick up my race kit downtown, followed by a Whitecaps FC game, dinner with some good people, sleep, and then IT’S MARATHON TIME!!!

Gah, wish me luck! <3 See you guys on the flip side, have a wonderful weekend :)

This song is definitely on the playlist.

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It’s Almost Time.

My marathon is in less than a week!

People continually ask me how I’m feeling and I respond with not words but instead, cringes and weird noises.

I’m shitting my pants a little to be honest (excuse my language).


Scared is an understatement.

Yesterday officially marked race season in Vancouver with the Sun Run. I didn’t run the 10k race, but let me tell ya – I was suffering from some serious FOMO.

If you are unfamiliar with the term: Fear Of Missing Out.

Next year I will not miss it for the world! I’ve already decided.

Image 2

I was filled with adrenaline and excitement all day and ahhhh, it got me really nervous for this upcoming weekend.

I started frantically reading blogs and recaps of last years race and it got me even more nervous! Needless to say I am freaking out a little but it will be fine. I will drown my sorrows in carbs and cupcakes all week :D

Image 4

Just kidding, I am trying to eat and hydrate very very well but nevertheless, cupcakes will be had post race if I don’t die.

I’ve actually come down with a bit of a cold so I am trying to also fight that off! No getting sick before the big day.

I have also been trying to add more music to my playlist for the big day – please send over any songs that you are loving lately, new tunes are hard to come by these days I find.

I’ve been loving this song.

Oh, and any tips for the week leading up to marathon day would be greatly appreciated too! :D

 Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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Easter Weekend.

Are you sweating mini eggs and chocolate at your workouts so far this week? I SURE AM.


Post-spin yesterday morning ;)


But it was all worth it, of course :)

This past weekend I went to my hometown of 100 Mile House (<— yup, there is a place called that) for a much needed mini vacation…and it was oh so wonderful.

Get ready for the most food-filled post. I really didn’t take a lot of pictures of anything else.. but who’s really complaining?

Easter seems like a really great excuse to eat as much chocolate as humanly possible. Let’s just say I had no trouble completing that task.

I bought oodles of croissants and coffee before I left Vancouver as a little gift.


French fries and burgers: I haven’t eaten fast food in YEARS. We went to A&W because it was the only thing open. Man, I forgot what a luxury it is to live in a big city when it comes to holiday weekends.

IMG_9540IMG_9539There was no short supply of chocolate.

IMG_9542Naturally, the Easter Bunny turned into a Dinosaur at the ranch. Everything is bigger and better in the country.


We went to The Hungry Bear Diner for breakfast. I swear small towns purposely give eateries funny names…. why?

We were there early on Saturday morning and let me tell you – it was THE place to be. Buzzing with people and everyone seemed like they knew each other..and well, they did.

I ordered pancakes that were oh-so-fluffy and enormous. All swooshed down with endless amounts of coffee, just the way I like it.


Sunday evening we roasted hot dogs and made s’mores! When was the last time you made s’mores?! Nothing I love more. Just so good. 


IMG_9570IMG_9621 IMG_9584

We sat around the fire until it was dark roasting marshmallows and hot dogs and laughing more than anything. I forgot how peaceful fires can be and how much better hot dogs taste when you cook them over a fire. It’s always the little things!

IMG_9585I also got to hang out with one of my favourites… Kim (aka, twin)!

IMG_9548And Bailey.


And Prince.

IMG_9552I managed to get in a one workout, a 16km run, and ONE green smoothie. Ha!

IMG_9594Couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing weekend. No watches, not a care in the world just laughter, great food, fresh air, and the best company.

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Ambassador Crawl and Marathon Thoughts.

On Tuesday we hosted an ambassador crawl at our lululemon store. IT WAS FANTASTIC! What’s an ambassador crawl you ask?

Each store has amazing ambassadors and every so often we like to celebrate their wonderfulness (that’s a word right?) by attending a butt load  a lot of classes in one day. What’s even better is that these classes are complimentary for EVERYONE (yup, all of Vancouver could attend)! I’d like to call that #winning.

This time around we had 5 scheduled. A spin class, followed by bootcamp, followed by yoga, followed by a run, followed by another yoga class.

I worked during the day so I attended 3 classes. Spin, bootcamp, and the late night yoga class.

IMG_9512IMG_9532 IMG_9533 IMG_9534

I cannot tell you how much fun it was. To be sweating and spending a day with your friends and inspirational people doing what you love!



I stole a few of these pics from people.. hope they don’t mind, ahem.. Michelle and Jessy :)


So marathon, oh marathon.

I have 3 weeks guys – THREE WEEKS?

Yup, most of the time when I think about it I get a little nauseous and nervous.

What the heck am I doing? Why am I running 42.2km? WHY?

Well, I know why – just to say that I can did it (seriously).

So I have come to the realization that I don’t like running more than roughly 25km. I LOVE the half marathon distance. About 2hrs on your feet is absolutely manageable and I still love that distance. Anything above that and I become ridiculously bored.

Really. Even with pretty views.


Plus, your body starts hurting ALL OVER. I have knee issues to begin with so yes, my right knee sometimes feels like its going to explode.

Training for 3+hrs a day is a huge time commitment and I honestly have no desire to run  that amount of time ever again.

So what I am really saying is that I will do this ONE marathon and never again. It’s not something that I love and I already know that. On race day I might think differently but training for this bad boy is/was a doozy.

I’m also hungry all. the. time. I have this insatiable hunger most of the day from the moment I wake up, I feel like a bottomless pit. I don’t like that. I would rather not run/train as much and not be hungry all the time because being hungry quickly translates into being hangry (hungry + anger) and that is not a good scene for anyone.

I have been sucking back smoothies and homemade chia seed waters like it’s my job.

P1070611Long run fuel:

P1070613Breakfast… which ended up being tooooooo much for my stomach to handle last Sunday. Felt like crap for the first 5 miles.


The nutrition bit has been a hard one for me. I have been doing a bit of research and it helps to have a Dr. in the family who can tell me what’s most likely going on with my body, but I just don’t feel good. My stomach and gut are inflamed and I don’t know if running is to blame entirely but oh man, I could go without.

I’m also not best in the world at getting a sufficient amount of protein in my diet.


But aside from all of this – its been a journey this far. Who knew I could run that far and still function! It’s neat to see what I can do. 

So, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! I am off for a little relaxation of my own ;)


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