Life has been a little bit bananas lately. So I will keep this post short long and sweet.

Moving is stressful. Moving is more stressful when you have to take a 2hr ferry to Vancouver to move your stuff.


I’ve been going back and forth from Victoria to Vancouver every week and even just that minimal travel is long and exhausting.

P1070502 P1070503 P1070504And since we have sold Max’s and moved my bed to Vancouver on Monday, Max and I have been indoor camping for the past few days. Thank gawd for Thermarests… :D


But burgers make it better. I really am the burger lady lately (thanks for the nickname Britt!) And you all know that isn’t a lie.

IMG_7666And so do wonderful surprises in the mail :) Britt sent me chocolate treats, halloween socks, a new clif bar, and homemade SOAP. Ahh, I have the best bloggy friends in the world. She is so wonderful and completely made my day :)


I have a new job (a post to itself will come), so training for that while moving is more stressful.

I’ve been trying to make time for friends and savour all the good bits about Victoria.





And I was still working up until Sunday which I didn’t mind especially since my wonderful co-workers kept boxes for me :)


LIFE IS HECTIC but slowly but surely it will slow down.

I need to remind myself after this move I need to work on being still. This is challenging. Now that I am leaving Victoria I am realizing all the wonderful people I have met and I will miss them. I have made friends here that I feel like I have known forever, and although I know I won’t be far away, I don’t feel like leaving them.


Halloween is just around the corner, and to be honest I am not much of a Halloween person. I enjoy eating the candy, giving it out, but dressing up has never really appealed to me.

Last Saturday I committed and threw on some halloween make-up with friends and headed to a little hoedown ;)

Caleigh’s (teal outfit) costume rocked my world. She was zombie Dolly Parton. NAILED IT.



IMG_7639So that is what is happening in Britta land. The final move is this Friday, then we get everything set up, cleaned and organized in Vancouver, and then I get to head home to Nelson for a week! CANNOT WAIT to go home.

Hope you’re all having a great week!

And um, I am obsessed with Miley.

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About Britta

I'm a 24 year runner & believer of living a simple life, willing to share a little bit of my life with the world. Born in Germany, raised in the interior of British Columbia, and now living in Vancouver, BC. Welcome to my everyday!
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5 Responses to Lately.

  1. sincerelylily says:

    yayyyy i love all this pics and all your snapchats of crazy moving stuff. moving certainly SUCKS THE ENERGY out of you! but you’ll be so happy once you are settled and making your new home, a home! exciting…. almost as exciting at that burger.

    I love that your friend was a dolly parton zombie. ahhhhh you should probably print off a pic of that and mail it to dolly herself. i bet she would autograph it.

  2. Brittany says:

    I am so exciting about your move, you really inspire me and make me want to venture out. Bahaha Ohhhh Burger Britta!! Love it, and I am so jazzed your goodies made it to you, I was so nervous sending to a dif country (even though you’re like right next door.) I can’t wait to hear all about your settling in adventures, so where is Max going now?!

  3. Busy, busy! Can’t wait to hear about the new job!
    And I loved your IG photos from halloween! Looked like a fun last weekend in victoria before the big move!

  4. a long post, sure, but definitely sweet and a great introduction to your blog :) congratulations on the move, and the job, and all the other stressful (but ultimately happy, i hope) changes :)

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