Life In Slow Motion.


I’m finally home in Nelson after a stressful few weeks! I think my lack of posts for the past little while explains my craziness, and I am having a little bit of blogger guilt for not reading, commenting, and responding to YOUR posts! I will be on top of things again soon, I promise.

So to recap the last week or so:

We had a little going away at a local pub and it was wonderful. I did not expect to see so many faces but I am so glad they all came out!

I am so grateful for all of the love and support I have gotten from my friends in Victoria. So many people helped pack things, bring things over to Vancouver, and I cannot thank them enough.

IMG_7690 IMG_7691IMG_7697IMG_7732 IMG_7720

Image 1

The following morning I went to Caffe Fantastico with Alan to savour the coffee and treats one more time.

Breakfast of champions I would say.

IMG_7737The afternoon was spent with Hailey and Caleigh rummaging through our clothes/costumes, sitting in closets (Hailey just moved as well so she was organizing), and drinking wine.

I miss them both so much already.



And the evening was finished off with one last stop at Prima Strada Pizzeria… not like we go there very often or anything.

IMG_7749So this chili oil was full when we started… Caleigh and I went to TOWN.


Onto Vancouver!

Max and I left early Friday morning and it goes without saying that I was one sleepy bean. The picture and the hair says it all. Cale was there to send us off :)


A ferry ride and then it was time to clean the apartment. The whole day is a little blurry to be honest..

Ash and I in our kitchen :)


After a long day of unpacking, travelling, and little sleep Max, Ashlee, and I headed to Romer’s Burger Bar perfectly located within walking distance from our house.

I need to stop eating burgers.

IMG_7770 IMG_7771

Considering it was a Friday night, Romer’s was busy. So our meal took just slightly longer than it was supposed to – which we didn’t really care about because we were sipping vino and relaxing. BUT our server graciously brought over theses amazing drunken donuts.


SAY WHAT?! SWOOOOOON. I died, mainly because I was stuffed and was certain nothing else could fit into my stomach, but also because it was incredible service. Well done Romer’s. Not to mention that the donuts were warm, soft, and so delicious.

Following that, Ashlee and I jumped in a Zipcar van and went on a little adventure in the POURING rain and drove to Port Moody (40 minute drive) for a free table. It was about 930 at this point. 2 sleepy girls full of burgers and donuts, pouring rain, darkness, first time driving a bigger van, and you have yourself a great time.

IMG_7777IMG_7788 IMG_7789

Long story short, we didn’t get the table.. it wouldn’t fit through the lady’s front door soooo it was essentially a waste of our time :) Perfect.


And since this post isn’t long enough already.. I will leave you with the rest of the weekend highlights.

Cold apartment.


My first sunny run in Vancouver (knee is doing alright btw!).


Friend visits and strolls.



Another early morning and a long drive to Nelson.



And now I am home.



This is what I look like while I am home :)


Time to relax, catch up on sleep, and savour every moment of family time.


Hope you guys have a great week!

About Britta

I'm a 24 year runner & believer of living a simple life, willing to share a little bit of my life with the world. Born in Germany, raised in the interior of British Columbia, and now living in Vancouver, BC. Welcome to my everyday!
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6 Responses to Life In Slow Motion.

  1. Brittany says:

    AHH what a week you had!!! ENJOY the time at home and relax and run and enjoy EVERYTHINGGGG!! Your adventure to pick up the table sounds fun despite not actually getting the table. You would think the lady would have checked about getting the table out BEFORE you made the trek..owell HA! Your views and landscape at home are AMAZING!

    • Britta says:

      Craziest week evaaaaa! I have been sleeping my life away since I have been home.. oopsieeee :D I know – that lady was a little odd.. I’m kinda glad we didn’t get the table.. but the trek was actually really fun and scary at the same time!

  2. sincerelylily says:

    looks like one heck of an adventure! i cant get over how BREATHTAKING your home is. the snow. the pines. the views.seriously. do you live at a 5-star ski lodge?!?!

    enjoy the family time, breath and recover. and keep posting pics of yummy doughnuts, pizza, and a bowl of nuts. but dont become nuts :) (SO CORNY– SORRRRY… notsorry)

    • Britta says:

      My house kinda looks like a ski lodge…. hahaha on top of a mountain :D I kinda take the view for granted sometimes and then I see them mountains and think holy smokeeeeesss… I die. I have become obese from all the eats… also sorrynotsorry!

  3. Megan says:

    everything around you is so prettty!!!!!!!!!!!! cray cray week

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