Settling In.

I am slowly but surely settling in to life in Vancouver. It’s such a funny thing to say because I haven’t been here for very long, literally less than a week, but being here just feels right. 

Again, my blogging has been less than regular for the past little while. I’m not sure why but I prefer to just read blogs lately instead of writing my own. Ah, life.

Anywho, I got back from Nelson on Monday. I loved being home and here are just the last few tid bits of being with the fam jam.

Dora and I made rosehip jam! If you don’t know… not to make my mom sound like some sort of goddess (I mean, she is) but she can bake and cook like a BOSS. So when I say we made jam, I really mean Dora made jam and I taste tested ;)



We had a little mother-daughter date and went for lunch. We went to the Preserved Seed Cafe - they have the best chai in the entire world. I kid you not. Spicy, sweet, fragrant, rich – all those things you want chai to be.

IMG_7931IMG_7933Dora and I got soup, salad, and the most delicious coconut cream pie to share. Dora ordered the pie first before anything else – my kinda woman ;)



When I got back on Monday I was greeted at the airport by Ashlee with a sign, Starbucks, and cookies – the best!! I don’t think I’ve ever had someone do that for me… the little things, yet ya every TIME.


Once I got home I whipped out my new Saucony kicks and went for a run. Let me tell ya, it’s like night and day running in a new pair of shoes. At the running store I tried on a whole bunch of different brands, because you know, I wanted to branch out from wearing Saucony all the time. I tried on New Balance, Mizuno, Asics – you name it.. but Saucony fits like a glove every time :) No more branching out!


And clearly I was WAY overdue for a new pair. Don’t judge.. I’m cringing too… bah.


I actually got lost.. I didn’t really know where I was going and since it gets dark pretty early I don’t really know were the sketchy parts of town are just yet so that made things a little more difficult as well. But nonetheless, it was a good run!


Wednesday I made a green smoothie and topped it with 1/2 of a brown rice ginger muffin that I picked up at Whole Foods the previous day.

In this bad boy we have water, spinach, mango, banana, and hemp seeds. Nothing crazy but delicious.


I also went to YYoga Kits for the HOTTEST yoga class of my life that afternoon. It wasn’t just hot in that class, it was sauna conditions.. I was dripping before the class even started. I really don’t know how I survived. It was a great class but mannnnn, HAWT.


Aside from all that jazz I have been feasting on lots of hummus and carrots – it’s an old obsession that has returned.


And running in the pouring rain is something that I will have to get used to. Friday I was drenched. You could ring me out when I got home..


Last but not least, Ashlee and I bought advent calendars  - COME ON December! I am so so ready. I also don’t remember the last time I bought one of those. :)


Are you ready for the holidays?

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About Britta

I'm a 24 year runner & believer of living a simple life, willing to share a little bit of my life with the world. Born in Germany, raised in the interior of British Columbia, and now living in Vancouver, BC. Welcome to my everyday!
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11 Responses to Settling In.

  1. Megan says:

    I sort of love your moms name, is that weird? Dora just seems awesome. Also it blows my mind how cook at baking mom’s are and how effortless they make it seem. I can cook with the best of them but am SO intimidated by baking.

    I am so ready for the holidays! I am packing up and heading to my parents for TEN DAYS on Saturday. Eeeeek so excited.

    • Britta says:

      I have no idea how moms do it. Its like they all went to cooking school and became little genius’ – also, I feel like that will never be me. I dont cook, I bubble and broil. Ten days is so flipping sooooooooooooooonnnn!!!! I cannot wait to read the re-cap on your fam jam visit!

  2. Sounds like you’ve been settling in very nicely! I love that it feels right; that’s huge!
    And I feel like crazy hot yoga seems like a total Vancouver thing :)
    Is it sad that a soon-to-be 30 year old loves to make jam?! It’s one of my favourite things that I learned from my mom and grandma. I love that you ‘make’ some with your mom!
    I go into blog funks where I love reading them, occassionaly comment, and never post any of my own. I guess it’s the ebb and flow of blogging!

    • Britta says:

      Sometimes when I leave yoga in vancouver I feel like such a cliche especially when I carry my yoga mat, wearing running shoes, and decked in lulu… I have to laugh at myself. No joke!

      Making jam is nothing to be ashamed about – you know I am 80 at heart so I fully support your love of jam making :D

  3. I love your new shoes! And it’s so funny… every so often I feel like “branching out” on shoes… and I always end up right back in Adidas. They just work! Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke they say ;) Congrats on the move and settling in!

  4. Brittany says:

    I have been getting DOOWWNNN on some carrots and hummus too!! It’s SO GOOD! I want to come adventure with you guys, and get lost on runs together!

    • Britta says:

      Can you please come on an adventure with us? Tomorrow we are going to stanley park and checking out some coffee shops… this adventure has your name on it. Did I mention we are having a picnic like an old married couple? COME MEOW!

  5. sincerelylily says:

    Carrots & Hummus = my go-to snack! Love that combo, never gets old.

    Seriously, the jam pictures belong in a magazine. I think your mom sounds amazing and she needs to start a line of jams, I’ll be your first contact to sell them. Success. Love all the fun things you did with her! Mom-Daughter dates are zeeee best. You both look so lovely.

    In the sweaty yoga pic- question: how did the girl with the beautiful long thick hair do yoga with her hair down? Or was it up? I need to know b/c looking at it in the picture I feel like it would be difficult to do sweaty exercises with such pretty hair.

    Love the shoes! And running in the rain- i hear ya! But there is something unspeakably refreshing and rejevinating about those rainy runs… and it is certainly better than no run b/c that hot shower after is probably the best thing ever.


    • Britta says:

      hahaha i love your comments. The girl with the gorgeous hair (Cass) def had her hair up during the yoga class! That would have been way too annoying if she had it up! I also want her hair. It’s beautiful and oh so luscious.

      I love running in the rain too.. mostly. it makes me want to leap through the air sometimes.. like a unicorn. Thats weird, but it is refreshing for sure!

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