A Day In The Life.

I’m always interested in what people do. How they go about their daily routine, what foods they eat, and what makes them happy.

So I will give you a little snap of what I do once I wake up. It’s the same routine almost everyday with a few variations depending when I work.

I try to be out of bed no later than 730am. I will set my alarm for 7, turn it off when it buzzes and snuggle for a little bit hoping the minutes pass slowly.

And this is what this looks like: I know I’m adorable in the morning.. no need to tell me ;)


Before I get up I drink water with lemon which is always on my bedside table.


Once I roll out of bed, I throw on long comfy pants (I sleep in boxers), I put on wool socks, my slippers, and my warmest hoodie. Yes, my house is freezing.

I walk to the coffee machine which is preset and turn it on. I go brush my teeth, then grab a cup of joe. The next hour or so is spent reading the news, facebook, twitter, blogs.

I make breakfast.

Which can be gluten free waffles, pumpkin oatmeal, and always a small glass of green juice.



I eat on the couch and read more.


Sometimes I go for breakfast too… Here I was at Paul’s Omelettery with Mara.


Then, depending on the day I will run, go to yoga, or shower if I have to go to work.


I might meet a friend for a run like Andy, grab a coffee post run, and a poinsettia and call it Ruddy.


Post run (or not) & shower, I get dressed and make my lunch.

As of late it has been a wrap with hummus, hemp seeds, avocado, and spinach/kale. Along with some carrots.


I also bring some sort of fruit and dates with almond butter & cinnamon. I also pack my vitamins so I don’t forget to take them.


I kid you not, dates with almond butter + cinnamon will. change. your. life. It’s amazing and tastes like a decadent dessert. You don’t even need fancy medjool dates.. plain ones work perfectly. DO NOT forget the cinnamon.


I get ready for work pack up my things and I am out the door.

Sometimes I will stop for coffee, sometimes I won’t…


 ….but I will almost always stop for some beautiful pictures. <— Also, clearly I am having too much coffee lately.


I go to work, do my thing and then walk home. I walk a lot actually but I prefer that to taking the bus. It’s about a 30-45min walk but I don’t mind.


Sometimes I will stop and buy a $5 book on the street because I am in the mood… why not right?


Post work I am usually starving and so ready to plop on the couch. Lately I am so content doing that.

Sometimes I will come home and Ashlee will have made dinner for me. She is wonderful. Sometimes I make soup and last night I came home to one of my favourite things in the fridge.

A spinach stuffed bagel. Again, Ashlee knows the key to my heart – FOOD. I didn’t take a picture but as you may recall, it looks like this.



Then we watch Private Practice, drink wine or tea (depending on the day), perhaps some rum and eggnog and call it a night.

That’s my day. My days are similar with a few bits and pieces always different but I am content and happy. I wouldn’t change it for the world. :)

Are you a routine monkey like me?!

Hope you had a great weekend and I promise I will blog more… ;) It’s been a while yet again.

Also, listen to this.

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About Britta

I'm a 24 year runner & believer of living a simple life, willing to share a little bit of my life with the world. Born in Germany, raised in the interior of British Columbia, and now living in Vancouver, BC. Welcome to my everyday!
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12 Responses to A Day In The Life.

  1. sincerelylily says:

    Um your day sounds perfecto- balanced and happy and non-stressful. I love this re-cap and all the pictures…. I feel like I know you a bit better now, and want to visit and hang out even more. I love that you walk up and READ and get caught up with news, blogs, etc. Also, that stuffed bagel looks amazingly good. Please mail me one.

    • Britta says:

      I would totally mail you one if I knew it would last.. sooo unbelievably good! I wish we all lived closer so that we cold fun things together ALL. THE. TIME. :D

  2. pickyrunner says:

    I just cannot get over the views around your town. It’s absolutely stunning and I’m pretty sure I’d never stop running if I lived there. I like being creepy and finding out what bloggers days are like too- it’s just so interesting to hear how another person lives!

    • Britta says:

      I am sooo glad I am not the only one! I read a few day in the life post from other bloggers and its SO interesting because everyone is so different! I feel like we live in similar cities (gorgeous views) just on opposite sides of the continent!

  3. I love day in the life posts- thanks for sharing! I must say that a) it would be wonderful to walk to work, especially with your views, and b) you look fantastic right when you wake up!
    Your days sound absolutely lovely. And it sounds like you and the roomy are great partners in crime!

    • Britta says:

      I actually missed walking when I moved to Victoria because I had a car! I used to walk all the time in Ottawa and now that I am back in Vancouver & without a car again I am loving it! Plus, I haven’t been running all that much so a few extra steps in the day is probably a good thing too!!

  4. Amy says:

    Oh you know me…BIGGEST routine junky ever! I don’t think I could live without routine. My how things have changed in the last year hey? Getting up at 5:00 to run before school/work! Miss those days! P.S. – Loving the sound of rum and eggnog right now… xo

    • Britta says:

      Am, how did we wake up at 5AM all the time last year… mind you… you are still doing that but let me just say – WE WERE MACHINES! I actually miss it too and I cannot wait for the day where we are back in the same city. MISS YOU and cannot wait to see you this weekend! xo

  5. Brittany says:

    YES I AM SUCH a routine monkey!! I LOVE it, and another reason we must live in a wonderful, adorable, cottage like house together!! I now want to post a day in my life ahaha. I totally CRAVED rum and eggnog tonight..so funny I read this. Weird thing to crave, but it was the smell of the egg nog at Starbucks that did it. As always, love the song you posted!

    • Britta says:

      ahhh, cottage life – I wish we could have that RIGHT NOW! Please post a day in the life – I am so curious, especially on your waking up at 4am days… wowza. I remember doing that for sbux and I would try and stay awake in the afternoon or go for a run but most of the time I would be completely ZONKED (is that a word?). Mmmm egg nog is good.. I had a few sips the other day from ashlee’s (I stick to tea and wine!) and it was SO good.

  6. Megan says:

    I am trying to think how you make a stuffed bagel… it sounds so intriguing… also I think it is weird you brush your teeth BEFORE coffee. I always do mine after coffee and breakfast : )

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